ways to defeat this disease

Heal Yourself
From Within

Raw Organic Vegetables
may set you cancer free!

I Survived Cancer Without Having Chemo or Radiation

I researched and used all types of therapies, supplements, and remedies and had a great team of doctors who performed three surgeries over a period of 8 months.
I made major lifestyle changes and diligently ate only raw organic vegetables for over five years. I feel that raw organic vegetables were the key to my survival. During my first few years of fighting cancer, I promised myself that if I survived, I would tell my story, and I would help others. I’m hopeful that my writing this today is just the start of that.

The Story of Hippocrates Rat

Hippocrates Rat, also known as HR, was originally my good luck cancer survival mascot that I found online. Today, HR is a fictional cancer survival character that I have created to help portray my personal path of fighting and defeating cancer.
The story goes like this. HR had a bad day. He was trapped, caged, and sent to the Lab and got cancer. Your life changes so fast when you get cancer. HR then got really, really nervous and squeezed his way out of his cage. HR looked around for a place to hide and noticed that a Lab worker had tossed out a portion of their lunch, and apparently, the worker wasn’t fond of vegetables.
HR tried those vegetables. HR loved those vegetables. HR became energized and escaped from the building. From that day forward, HR continued eating only raw organic vegetables, HR looked for ways to defeat this disease, HR got better, H.R. became a Cancer survivor.
Today you can find HR spreading Hippocrates’ message, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
HR has legendary status amongst the rat community as the only rat to ever leave the lab facility and be seen again. But HR isn’t just your ordinary rat. HR is Hippocrates Rat!
H R's mission is to help you heal yourself


In August 2008, cancer came into my life, and it has changed my life forever. I had a tumor that grew inside my colon, and by the time I realized what was happening, it had blocked the passage of my colon. My body quickly became toxic and backed up. I was in misery. I kept trying different home remedies to clear my digestive tract without success.
I ended up going and having a colonoscopy at a Clinic in Anaheim, California. The doctors there told me that I needed to see a surgeon, and they gave me the name of a few doctors that they knew. I called these doctors and left several messages over several days and never heard back from them. I tried calling several other doctors, and finally, I found my path and someone who would help me.


I had reached out to USC by email and their Colorectal surgery team contacted me. I spoke with the doctor and he told me to go to the LAC+USC emergency room that evening and that I would be admitted and his team would see me in the morning. He told me to bring a book with me because it is one of the busiest Hospitals in the USA. I was so sick I brought a pillow and blanket and just waited all night to be admitted. I still have that blanket today, I feel like it helped keep me alive and I’ll never part with it.
It was quite an experience being in that emergency room for over 11 hours and I will always remember it.


The Doctors had to perform surgery for a diverting colostomy and I was in the hospital for around a week or so before being released. I had a biopsy of my tumor and had a follow up appointment in a little over week.
I couldn’t wait to get back home, there were times where I wasn’t sure if I would make it out of the hospital. One day I woke up and there were two priests in my room and I was startled, I thought uh-oh, this doesn’t look good! I have always had a sense of humor and to this day feel that laughter helps promote healing.


Getting dropped off at my house and upon arrival I walked in, turned on my stereo to an FM station and walked over to the bedroom and started taking my clothes off. I had a wall mirror and I looked into it. I had a colostomy bag attached to my stomach and all the muscle mass on my body was gone!
My Knee caps were largest part of my legs, I was in shock looking at my physical condition, thinking this is going to be it for me, and all of a sudden the radio plays “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)”, I felt like crying but I just said to myself, “No Shit!” This was probably the only time in my life that I wanted to laugh but just couldn’t.


It was great to be back home, even though I had many challenges ahead and did not know what the future looked like. I started Google searching everything about cancer survival, tumor, death, treatment options, remedies. My motivation was to get better and get this colostomy bag removed, and get back to my life of having fun!
H R Sprouts for you


I went into a phase of introspection, and I told most of my friends I was sick and I would contact them when I got better. Within the first few days of being home and then going to the store to get food, the few friends and family that I ran into, the look on their faces of sorrow for me was overwhelming. I looked so bad my thoughts were that if I had a collection plate and sat in front of a store, I could pay coins for a new Ferrari.


After having a follow-up appointment with a nurse at the hospital, I went back home, and then later that week, I got the phone call. “Mr. Allgood, this is your doctor from LAC+USC. We’re sorry, you have cancer.” It felt like the air went out of the room, and the doctor was so sincere and sad, everything went silent. I paused, then thanked him for calling. He said to contact their office to schedule another appointment for a treatment plan and consultation.


I knew the doctor’s protocol probably would be Chemotherapy and possible radiation just by what I was researching. I had an appointment with the oncology department at LAC+USC, so I went to talk to them. Their department was located in the basement of the old county hospital. Walking into the waiting room and seeing the people waiting to get their treatment totally lifeless and zombie-like scared me to death.


I looked at my condition, and at that time, I couldn’t imagine going through this physically or mentally. Then at that point, they called me into a patient room to see the doctor. The oncologist walked in and started talking about treatment options for me, and I freaked out and told him I wasn’t interested in treatment at this time and I immediately walked out of the room and left the hospital.
It was not a happy ride home. I was really confused and uncertain about the road ahead and how long I would be alive, and what to do. I arrived back home, and a good friend who was one of my neighbors stopped by to check on me and see if I was alright. My neighbor was one of the smartest people I have ever met. He was very knowledgeable about every subject that I would talk to him about.


I explained to him how the oncologist wanted to give me chemo and that I had walked out and that I refused to go through that treatment. We discussed cancer diets, cancer survival, raw food diet, detoxification, and natural cancer remedies. He suggested that I change my lifestyle, that I need to go zero tolerance, that I needed to quit smoking and drinking alcohol, coffee, avoid anything with sugar, no red meat, and go on a cancer survival diet eating only raw organic vegetables. My response was, are you fricking kidding me!


He wasn’t sure if I would survive, but he thought I had a chance because I wasn’t on a healthy diet prior to getting cancer, and if I eliminated my bad habits and toxic lifestyle, I would have a chance to heal my body and get my immune system working properly. I tried quitting cigarettes before, and I knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, but I had no choice. Not drinking alcohol wouldn’t be a problem for me. I wouldn’t be going out to a club or bar anytime soon.


The following day I started a cancer survival diet eating raw organic vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds. I purchased glass storage containers for refrigeration, a cleaver, salad spinner, and a big wood cutting/chopping board. This is how I started preparing all my meals. I continued Google searching cancer survival, cancer diets, raw food diet, and detoxification.
H R loves blueberries


Within the first few weeks of starting the cancer survival diet, I was mentally into it, and I was eating a lot of raw organic vegetables. I also snacked on blueberries and fermented cabbage in my kitchen, making my own probiotics. I had a follow-up appointment with the nurse at LAC+ USC, and she was checking on my stomach and colostomy bag. I will never forget when she looked at my bag, pointed, and yelled, “what have you been eating?” I told her raw organic vegetables and that this was my cancer survival diet. She told me I shouldn’t be eating that. I should be eating rice and meat to slow my system down. I thanked her for her thoughts and her expertise. I never saw her again.
I continued on with the cancer survival diet. I didn’t contact the hospital for the next several weeks, and I didn’t hear anything from them. I just kept eating raw organic vegetables every meal, and I was starting to have more energy and definitely felt more energized.


I would drive down to the beach, sit on the sand and let the wind hit me in the face. I would stay at the beach for an hour or so and meditate and reflect on my past and how I’m going to get through this challenge that I’m now facing. There is something about a brisk ocean breeze coming straight off the water hitting you in the face that makes me feel alive and vibrant.


After returning back home, I would have my typical dinner. 2-3 bowls of raw organic vegetables mostly consisting of raw organic romaine lettuce, broccoli sprouts, beets, carrots, broccoli, avocado, pumpkin seeds, tomato, spinach, kale, zucchini, and no dressing. On occasion, I would add Apple cider vinegar for dressing.


It seems funny that some people tell me that salad makes them hungry, and I always tell them they’re right. Their body is craving more. There have been a lot of times where I was just burned out on eating vegetables and didn’t want to, but after eating them, I felt energized and so glad that I did.


It had been a few months on the cancer survival diet, and my body detoxed. I wasn’t able to sleep for four days during my healing crisis but felt great after that. I kept with the program. My goals were simple: Beat cancer, get rid of the colostomy bag, and get my life back. The cancer survival diet eating raw organic vegetables is the way that I’m going to do that. The words I just wrote I summed up in a poem below it’s titled “Heal Yourself From Within.”
cancer survivor poem


I was at the point of needing to start thinking about getting the tumor out of my body. I was trying to keep getting healthier and healthier before I went in for my surgery. Looking back now, I may have waited too long. It was August 31, 2008, when I had my first surgery for a diverting colostomy, and now my second surgery to get the tumor out was scheduled for February 12, 2009.
I have to tell you when I walked down that walkway on the way to my surgery, I had an extra jump in my step, and I was so charged up and ready, Let’s do this! After my surgery waking up in recovery, I wasn’t able to move very well and finally got admitted to my own room. It was difficult and very painful for the first several days.
I had the morphine button that helped with the pain, but it also gave me some crazy dreams.
My hospital bed was in the middle of a huge Koi pond, and I was surrounded by sharks and sailfish. I wasn’t sure if I should spear them or catch them with a fishing pole, and then the nurse came in and woke me up and pulled the plug on that dream.
My doctors at LAC+USC were just phenomenal. They saved my life, and I’m extremely grateful for them. Getting out of the hospital and getting back home is always a wonderful thing. The hospital food was just plain nasty and tasted like old reruns of TV dinners. I remember one night I had BBQ beef, and it looked like old band-aids stacked up and crossing each other smothered with BBQ sauce. I couldn’t wait to get home and get back on my cancer survival diet, eating only raw organic vegetables.
Hippocrates at the wall


Getting out of the hospital and getting home, I noticed I had lost muscle mass off my shoulders, neck, and chest. I had built muscle back up after my first surgery, and I would have to again. I was slow to move for the first few weeks. Very painful walking or moving, I was laying low, eating plenty of raw organic vegetables, and kept on with the cancer survival diet.
I spoke with my doctor and asked him how long he thought I had to live because I didn’t do the chemo? He told me five years. I was a little on edge after hearing that but, I’ve been on the cancer survival diet of eating only raw organic vegetables and felt deep down inside that I would survive. The next step for me was to get a takedown of my colostomy, but I had to mend from this past surgery first.
I have a big scar. It starts 4” above my private area. It is shaped like a number 7 and goes straight up through my navel and then takes a 90-degree turn 4” off to my right. My doctor kept telling me chicks dig the scar. I would just burst out laughing when he said that.
One of my slogans is “a life without laughter isn’t funny.” I hope my sense of humor is appreciated and doesn’t offend anyone because it is not meant to.
raw organic vegetables
defeat cancer


I had my colostomy bag removed and my colon put back together on May 14, 2009. Within a few days, things were back to normal. My prayers have been answered. I stayed diligent with the cancer survival diet for over five years, eating only raw organic vegetables. I kept improving with no sign of cancer. Today 14 years later, I’m happy to announce that I’m still in remission and cancer-free.
I built my website to display Hippocrates’ message, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I chose raw organic vegetables as my medicine for cancer, and I’m thrilled I did. My next goal is to help develop HelpThemSurvive.org, a future nonprofit that delivers nutritional products and information to cancer victims’ doorsteps. Bringing nutrition to people in a time of need is a wonderful deed.
cancer survivor


The Doctors at LAC +USC took me in when I was dying, kept me alive, and removed cancer from my body.
Google search engine – Thank you, Google, for having the information I needed to survive cancer.
You have built an incredible tool, and I’m grateful for using it.
My friends and family, and to those who prayed for me, your prayers have been answered.




Disclaimer: The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe to any medical or physical condition nor to prevent, treat. , migrate or cure such conditions. [READ MORE]

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